Can I Control My Band or DJ’s Wedding Playlist? (And Should I?)


There is no reason at all that you shouldn’t have input on the wedding playlist performed on the biggest day of your life. I like to call it your “musical vision” for the day and any quality wedding bandleader or DJ absolutely wants your input. You should discuss what songs cover your “musical vision” for the day while allowing a quality wedding bandleader or DJ room to work their magic and create something unique. While it’s important to include the tunes and moments that are meaningful to you both, such as your entrance song and first dance, be wary of trying to control your bandleader or DJ too much — they are professionals who have years of experience in knowing what songs will appeal to different age groups and create a fantastic atmosphere throughout the wedding. 

That’s it right there. PROFESSIONALS. You’ve done your research, read the reviews, and talked to couples who have used these professionals. You didn’t tell the chef how to make each appetizer, you didn’t tell the makeup artist each brush stroke to make, you didn’t tell the florist where to position each stem. They are all wedding professionals, and so is your wedding entertainment. They have built careers learning just what to play and when in order to keep the party moving. 

I’m always more interested in a “Do Not Play” list from my clients than a structured list of what to play and when. I got a color coded excel spreadsheet one time from a planner. Play, Do Not Play, play early, play late, etc. I happen to be colorblind! Your quality wedding bandleader has years of experience making those decisions. If someone requests a song that is on your Do Not Play list, trust that they know how to expertly handle it. Your wedding playlist should result in an unforgettable evening that truly reflects yourself and your partner’s personalities! That is what a wedding playlist is all about, music that you want to hear and a guideline for your professional entertainer to work with.

Your quality bandleader or DJ will watch the room and especially the dance floor…I like to say the dance floor speaks to me. Your particular musical tastes can’t possibly match those of all the different age groups of your guests precisely, so your wedding entertainment provider will watch everybody all night long and play songs that speak to them as well. I always ask my clients what age range their guests will be and I let them know that a few Motown songs will be a big hit with the older crowd, rather than Taylor Swift.

We always strive to keep the dance floor full and make it a great party!

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