You Want a Full Dance Floor!


Imagine your reception: a full dance floor all night long, and guests of all ages having so much fun that nobody wants to leave at the end.

It’s finally time to dance the night away! You’re married, you’ve had dinner, heard all the heartfelt speeches, and possibly had cake at this point. Now it’s time to dance! What gets you and your guests on the dance floor? 

Slow songs are generally for the first dance, and then people tend to want to get up and dance when they hear something with a beat that they can move to. Some guests may need no additional motivation, but others might just be waiting for the right song to come on. Keep this in mind as you make your wedding playlist and get a full dance floor! 

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What do people actually remember after your wedding?

You have hired not “just a band”, but a professional wedding band that will help you realize your musical vision with elegance and FUN, while providing a wide range of music genres for all. The music you pick will create the atmosphere at your wedding reception and encourage your guests to come out on the dance floor. 

You want a band that can match that energy! I always tell my couples to never cut corners with the music. Music plays a big part in the day and guests won’t remember what they ate weeks down the road, but they will remember if they danced or not. Take time in deciding what you want played and get some great candid shots of all your guests having a fun time!

There’s no better feeling than a reception that keeps going long into the night because everyone is having so much fun (or maybe I’m biased, who am I kidding!).  

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