The Three Most Important Songs at Your Wedding


There are three songs at your wedding that are undoubtedly the most important when thinking about music.

The Processional

Everyone knows that ancient organ tune, “Here Comes the Bride,” by Richard Wagner signifies that the bride is walking down the aisle and so forth. Nowadays, brides march to their own beat. Processional songs have varied from all types of genres, from traditional to classic, country to pop, and more. The important thing for YOU to decide is what song you want to walk the down the aisle to, what song you want to hear while making your grand entrance for all your guests to see. Some couples like to keep it traditional, some like to mix it up and make it fun, the most important part is that it is YOUR song and you are happy.

We have examples of ceremony music on our Youtube channel and Live Music Song List that you can check out.

The Recessional

You are married now! Yay! Now you and yours get to walk down the aisle, officially married for the first time together and you will need a song to celebrate. There are no rules to picking a recessional, just as there are no rules to picking a processional, it’s YOUR and YOURS day. Your recessional can be funny, sweet, romantic, any song that is sentimental to you both.

The First dance

Your first appearance as a married couple! The first dance is for you and yours to have that unforgettable, special moment with each other. Do you want slow or fast? Romantic or casual? Serious or funny? Take time with your loved one to figure out what speaks to you, it will be a song that you both will love and cherish.

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