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Watch Selections of Live Musical Performances From Big Ray and the Kool Kats!

You are searching for music for your wedding, and figuring out just how to hire a live band that fits your wedding vision. If you haven’t seen live musical performances of the band at an event at which you were a guest, videos can be a great place to start. Many bands have only videos that are slick, produced in a studio with special lighting and effects, the music is pre-recorded, etc (and sometimes not even by the musicians shown!).

It’s important that you know what you are getting (and paying for), and it’s reasonable to expect that the product at your event is at least mostly (sometimes a personnel change or 2 happens over time) and that they feel and the musical vibe is what you are expecting.

Below is a selection of live musicalperformances from the band, Big Ray and the Kool Kats, that can play anything you need from a classic jazz standards band to the ’70s and ’80s, yacht rock, Classic Motown to the latest Bruno Mars hit. You can find many more posted by the band and individuals as well on Youtube and other social media. Browse around and see if Big Ray and the Kool Kats are a good fit for your event!

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Ceremony Music

Cocktails/Dinner Music



“Best Band Ever

Big Ray
When our wedding planner asked us if we wanted a DJ or a band, we said we weren’t sure. Long story short we hired Big Ray. Ray was everywhere that day. He handled all our sound needs for the ceremony making sure our officiant was miked as well as our readers. He played his trumpet for the ceremony with a piano accompaniement which added so much to the day. During the reception, Ray and his band serenaded our guests while they ate. After dinner, our guests really rocked out to their incredible music. Everyone was asking us how we found them. They really added to our celebration.

-Judy, Bride, Weddingwire

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