5 Questions You Should Absolutely Ask Your Wedding Music Band

You should always ask your live music band questions! You want to know what you are paying for and who you are getting. Hiring a crowd pleasing wedding music band is a big step in wedding planning and you want to make sure you hire the right one. A band of professional musicians who regularly rehearse and perform together is exactly what keeps your dance floor full. Be sure your wedding music band meets the standards you expect from all your vendors to ensure a great party!  Below are a few questions you should ask when deciding on your wedding music band.

How Much Does a Wedding Music Band Cost?

Every wedding music band has different costs and packages. Ask what those packages and costs are to see what fits your musical vision the best. Don’t just look at a price tag, research, study and understand what value the wedding music band brings. Check out You Want a Full Dance Floor to understand how to guests on the dance floor and have a great night!

When Can you Speak with the Band Leader?

Whether you found this band online or through an agency, you want to meet who will actually be at your wedding and have that connection, so you know that band is the right fit for you. How can I get in touch with him or her?

What is the Band’s Experience with Weddings?

The amount of times a band has performed at a wedding does not matter as much as how flexible, professional, and responsive the band is to your needs and specifications for your wedding. The band may have played thousands of weddings, but each and every one is different.  How they planned for last week’s wedding will be completely different than how they plan for your wedding. Check out Why is Live Music Important to see why you should have live music at your wedding.

does the Wedding Music Band Change Musicians a Lot?

Consistency is key. Many bands have a lot of personnel changes, so you will want to ask your band how often their musicians change, if they do at all. Some bands are actually not really a “band” but rather part of a franchise that assembles musicians, some of whom might not even know each other. A professional wedding music band has regular members will provide the top tier experience you want for your guests…something just not possible with a thrown together group.  

Will the Band Learn New Songs for Your Wedding?

Ask if the wedding music band is willing to learn new songs, it will show that the band is flexible and willing to work for your wedding. What is the process for adding requests and even working with a “Do not play list”?

The photo above is a prime example because when I first met the bride, one of the first things she said to me was, “Ray, I’m a Swiftie.” I never knew what that was, but I do now and I made sure to invite the bride and groom on stage!

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