In a word, yes. But it’s a little more complicated than that. It’s easy with Virginia and Washington DC
wedding band, Big Ray and the Kool Kats. Every musician, vocalist, and crew member is vaccinated. It
took some work to get there, and even a personnel change, but Big Ray thinks it’s important.

But what if you have a different wedding band?

This is a whole new world and we’re all working our way through it together. Here are some tips from
Big Ray and the Kool Kats:

  1. Communication. Ask. And early. Don’t wait until the week of.
  2. If the band agrees to substitute for an unvaccinated member, who is he or she in the band?
    A lead vocalist, maybe a horn player? Two very different things.
  3. Check with band management and perhaps the agency who booked the gig.
  4. Is there a raised stage in place to help socially distance the band from you and your guests?
  5. Most likely vaccination or testing is not a part of your current contract, so this is a situation that
    really needs to be handled in a non-contentious manner

All wedding bands want to be safe, but not all take it as seriously as others. You need to be comfortable
with your “COVID philosophy” and Big Ray thinks just like food, décor, planning, or any other vendor, the wedding band should make every effort to protect themselves and everybody at the event.

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